Thursday, June 17, 2010

From Blank to Beautiful: Jewelry for the Papercrafter

I do not, by any means, consider myself a jewelrymaker.  I can barely string together sentences, let alone beads and jewelry bits, but i consider myself kinda crafty and i have a crapton of paper, so ...

Enter stage left: Bracelet Blanks from Etsy, clear dimensional adhesive (I use Diamond Glaze but you can use Glossy Accents, Crystal Effects, etc.) and paper scraps.

Seriously, the most tedious thing about these is cutting out paper to the right size, but thats what we do - we are papercrafters, amirite?  This blue lovely features japanese Chiyogami from my scrap pile... see how it has a luminescent quality to it?  Kinda makes it look like Cloisonn√© or enamel, dontcha think?

Aside from the paper snipping, the rest is cake.  Not just any old cake, but ice cream cake with the little chocolate doo-jobbers in the middle - know what I'm sayin?

So, how did I do it?

Cut your paper, dab a teeny bit of glue on a blank part of the bracelet, distribute it around with a bamboo skewer, stab your paper with your now-gluey skewer, position it on the blank, add a bit more glue to cover the surface and let dry.  If your paper has any sort of texture to it, you may have to do 2 coats of glue to get a smoother finish (Ask me how i know >.<)

I usually do half the bracelet at once... lay it flat on itself, do the 5 that are facing you, let it dry, flip it over and repeat.

I'll be doing a tutorial on these, but in all honesty, its really not that hard.

Phew, obligatory blog post is done... time fohr cayke!

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  1. I love this project. It was so easy to make and I receive compliments whenever I wear mine!


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