Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kicking Off My Blog with a Father's Day Card

I seem to spend most of my creative time these days trying to incorporate new techniques into my craft, which can actually be pretty frustrating since I set my personal bar so high. This Father's Day card was absolutely no exception.  

I went through my typical phase where I wanted to add more collagey things to it (some old postage stamps, maybe a paperclip or two, i even toyed with dangling a little corked bottle from it somewhere, before I realized that I don't actually have any in my possession >.<)

In the end, "simplicity" won out.  This card is composed to not detract from the beauty of the background, which is the Antique Map stamp from Flourishes, colored with Copic Markers. Lots of distressing going on on this baby - my end goal was to make it look like a map that has been rolled up for many years and has just now been unearthed.

So, this inaugural post is dedicated to my pops - the inspiration behind this project and the man that made me what I am today.  Love ya, Dad!


  1. Awesome card Michey! I'm sure your dad will love it as well.

  2. Beautiful and masculine! It's so hard to find good masculine cards, this is great!



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